Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sending out an SOS! Save Our School!

Save Our School (SOS) Appeal Los Angeles Family Literacy Program
Patricia Bauer, spokesperson
Phone: 310-617-5809


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Save Our School! 

LA families rally to save 
parent-child literacy program; 
Protest demonstration set for Tuesday 

Families will demonstrate at the offices of the Los Angeles Unified School District to protest the impending closure of the LAUSD Family Literacy Program. The nationally renowned parent and child education program has been successful in lifting Los Angeles families out of illiteracy and poverty for more than a dozen years.

The Save Our School (SOS) Appeal protest rally has been set for 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 27, at
school district offices at 333 South Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles, 90017. Protesters will gather for
the event, including parents, children, alumni, teachers and volunteers from the prestigious Family
Literacy Program. Program participants will make public statements in English and Spanish starting at 2:15 p.m., and will be available for interviews.

District administrators have ordered the Family Literacy Program to shut its doors for good next
Thursday (May 29). The program, which was incubated by First 5 LA, is now the victim of budget cuts by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The program serves needy families who live in poverty and have limited English skills. Its innovative model, which educates parents alongside their young children, gives parents the tools they need to reinforce their children’s learning and behavior in the community.

“This is the last chance to save a treasure of public education in our city,” said Patricia Bauer,
spokesperson for SOS. “This successful program has had a meaningful impact on the lives of countless Angelenos -- not only those families who benefit directly from all it has to offer, but indirectly all of us who live and work in Los Angeles. It is a superb use of our tax dollars, producing results whose effects are lifelong and contribute to a better Los Angeles.

“We urge the Board of Education to take the time to understand what is at stake here. Please don’t throw away all the time, effort and money that have gone into creating an effective, meaningful
program that works. Closing the Family Literacy Program would be a tragic waste of taxpayer funds.

Independent research has demonstrated that the Family Literacy Program is more successful than other LAUSD preschools in building success for children who come from households challenged by illiteracy and poverty. It has been ranked by its peers as one of the highest performing such programs in the nation, as measured by achievements of both children and adults.

“The Family Literacy Program saved my family’s life,” said one parent. “It taught us to read and speak English, and it taught me to be a good parent to my children. It is a blessing. If you close it, families will be lost.”

Campaign spokesperson Bauer said the group is asking the Board of Education to hold a full hearing on the matter, and to consider enlisting the ongoing support of philanthropists in preserving the program if necessary.

“We understand the pressure to consolidate programs and save money. But it is vital to preserve this effective and successful program so that dedicated teachers can continue to deliver the success of this program for the people of Los Angeles.”


Protesters will gather outside school district offices carrying signs and chanting in English and
Spanish. They will wear red. Speakers will use a portable PA system. Speeches and interviews will be available in English and Spanish.

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For more information, please contact: 
Patricia Bauer, spokesperson.; 310-617-5809

If you are unable to attend the protest, please send an email to lend your support.  They need to recieve this message: SAVE LAUSD FAMILY LITERACY
Please copy us on all emails you write:

LAUSD Superintendent of schools:
John Deasy <>

LAUSD Board of education:
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LAUSD Department of Adult and Career Education:
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Los Angeles Mayor and staff :
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