Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Update 3/31/13

This is a time to work in solidarity with all those who want adult schools to survive.

We need to keep promoting the petitions and get more signatures:

Rebuild Adult Education:  K-12 and Designated Funding

Stop Gov. Brown's Plan to Shift Adult Ed to the Community College System

Get up to speed on the "talking points" 

Contact Governor Brown

Here's a list of the top 88 school districts impacted by flexibility:
  1. Alhambra USD Program Closed
  2. Anaheim Union HSD Program Closed
  3. Azusa Adult School Program Closed    
  4. Nicolaus Adult Ed Program Closed
  5. Atascadero Adult Ed Program Closed
  6. Oakland USD Program Closed (except for some FL and GED classes)
  7. Bellflower USD Program Closed
  8. Paradise Adult Education Program Closed
  9. Big Valley Adult Program Closed
  10. Pierce Adult Ed Program Closed
  11. Butte County - Biggs Adult Program Closed
  12. Centinela Valley Union Adult Program Closed (except for 2 HS diploma classes & 2 ESL classes)
  13. Quincy Adult Ed (Plumas County)Program Closed
  14. Compton USD Program Closed
  15. Red Bluff Adult Program Closed
  16. Rocklin Adult Ed Program Closed
  17. Escalon USD Adult Program Closed
  18. Hamilton Adult Ed Closed
  19. Hughson Alternative Ed. Program Closed
  20. Santa Maria Joint Union HSD Program Closed
  21. Santa Rosa Program Closed
  22. Lemoore Union HSD Program Closed
  23. Siskiyou Adult Program Closed
  24. Las Palmas Program Closed
  25. Lincoln Adult Ed Program Closed
  26. Sonoma Valley USD Program Closed
  27. Linden Adult Ed Program Closed
  28. Sonora Union HSD Program Closed
  29. Sunrise Tech Center Program Closed
  30. Los Molinos Adult Ed Program Closed
  31. Tahoe-Truckee Adult Program Closed
  32. Tulelake Basin Joint USD Program Closed
  33. Marysville Joint USD Program Closed
  34. Williams USD (Colusa County) Program Closed
  35. Maxwell USD Program Closed
  36. Wind River High Program Closed
  37. Modoc Adult Ed Program Closed
  38. Winona Center Program Closed
  39. Winterstein Adult Ed Center Program Closed
  40. Manteca USD Program Closed

Corning USD 100%
Corona-Norco Adult Ed 100%
Reef-Sunset USD 100%
Davis Joint USD 100%
Riverside USD 100%
Sacramento City USD 100%
San Dieguito Union HSD 100%
San Luis Coastal USD 100%
Irvine USD 100%
Livermore Valley Joint USD 100%
Moreno Valley USD 100%
New Haven Adult 100%
Apple Valley USD 100%
Carmel USD 100%
Porterville Adult School 100%
Redlands USD 100%
Mandera USD 78%
Twin Rivers USD 75%
Los Angeles USD 66%
Tracy USD 86%
Tri-Community AE/Charter Oak 70%
Monrovia USD 66%
Long Beach Adult 92%
Pomona USD 92%
Rialto USD 80%
Downey USD 70%
Norwalk-La Mirada USD 68%
Bassett USD 68%
Oroville Union HSD 65%
El Rancho USD 30% - Closing Proposed
Rowland USD 64%
Eureka City USD 90%
Delano Joint Union HSD 91%Folsom Cordova USD 80%
San Juan USD 91%
Hayward USD 83%
San Lorenzo Adult 75%
Hemet Adult 80%
Santa Clara USD 76%
Santa Cruz City Schools 91%
Kelseyville USD 82%
Kern Union HSD 60%
Sierra USD 80%
Saddleback Valley Adult 84%
Fairfield - Suisun USD 65%
San Bernardino City USD 75%
Fontana Union HSD 82%
San Jose 67%
Programs showing 100% of state funds having been swept may be running on alternative funding.






Sunday, March 24, 2013

A4CAS Weekly Update

Today is the birthday of OK!  This is timely considering the great news from Sacramento that we received on Tuesday.  Yes, we are okay -- for now.  The next hurdle to leap over will be on April 11th, when the Senate Subcommittee convenes to vote on the proposal.

A4CAS was created in response to Governor Brown’s budget proposal, but from the beginning the hope has been that it becomes a virtual meeting place for adult school communities.  Historically, many great alliances were born out of a crisis situation, the resulting camaraderie is the silver lining.  As was eloquently stated in a comment on the “Rebuild K-12” petition, “Adult education is vital to a free and prosperous society.”  In the age of technology, it makes sense to have a place to gather and work together, in good times and bad.

The California taxpayers cared deeply enough to pass the propositions supporting public education in the midst of extreme economic hardship. These are the same citizens who understand the importance of adult schools and want to keep them in their communities with the new funds they have created.  If in doubt, peruse the heartfelt comments on the petitions.  With every petition signature and comment, our elected officials are immediately gaining the opinion of a constituent.  What great use of technology!  If you do one thing to support our mission, please sign and promote the petitions any way that you can!  

As adult school teachers, we know that if we can provide a glimpse of the transformative power of the adult school experience, those who have the power to decide our fate will make the right decision.  We have invited Governor Brown and our legislators to visit our classrooms and see what takes place.   We have contacted the press and extended the same invitation.  During Adult Education Week, we saw the success stories of students illustrated in essay contests and special activities across the state.  In the case of Univision14’s visit to San Mateo Adult School, it was a student who prompted it with a telephone call.  

Adult schools have never been known for tooting their own horns, but now we are getting the word out that Adult Education Matters!  The Waverly Wellness Center at Conejo Valley Adult School illustrates that  we are always thinking of ways to contribute to our local communities.  Kristin Pursley recently posted on her blog a letter to ESL colleagues from Leigh Anne Shaw of Skyline College.  The post is titled Coordination between Adult Schools and Community Colleges: The Legislative Analysts Office Report and the Governor’s Budget Plan.  It is worth reading, as is Keeping Adult Education with K-12 Districts: Better Access to  Education for All Californians.  

Thank you for all that you’re doing every day to ensure that adult education survives intact and ready to rebuild when this budget cycle ends.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." - Margaret Mead