Friday, July 25, 2014

Call to Action

Adult Education Programs serving
CA Senior Citizen Baby Boomers+ 
and Young Parents
will Lose Funding in June 2015
 unless we
Save Older Adult Education & Parent Education
Senior Health & Financial Literacy
Family Literacy

Assemblymember Mike Gatto 
(Chair, Appropriations Committee)
Speaker Toni Atkins and Governor Jerry Brown
Before the August 2014

We Need to Rally
Teachers, Students, Seniors, Parents, Neighbors, Friends, Family, Community Leaders, Grass Roots Organizations, 
and the General Public

Urge Legislators to:
OPPOSE SB173 UNLESS AMENDED to fund OLDER ADULT EDUCATION and PARENT EDUCATION and include them in the AB86 List of Approved Courses and Classes Eligible for Funding in the K-12 Public School System (aka K-12 Adult Education) and Community College System.

Include in your message that their:
SUPPORT is NEEDED for a DEDICATED FUNDING STREAM for K-12 Public Schools (aka K-12 Adult Education) as well as Community Colleges, in order to preserve the full spectrum of Adult Education, including Older Adult Education and Parent Education.

WRITE AND CALL Assemblymember Mike Gatto (Chair, Appropriations Committee) and Speaker Toni Atkins who have exclusive authority over SB173 while it is being held in the “Suspense File” of the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Advocates and Supporters of senior citizens and families have a better chance than ever to be heard and have the bill amended to fund Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed.  In August 2014, a hearing and vote on SB173 will be held by the full Appropriations Committee.

WE NEED TO ACT NOW and supply Chair Mike Gatto, Speaker Toni Atkins and Governor Jerry Brown as well as Majority Whip Jimmy Gomez and Local Elected Officials with key information and evidence about why it is important of fund these programs.  Everyone can SEND a SIMPLE MESSAGE by FOLLOWING STEPS 1-2.  For Further Action FOLLOW STEPS 3-4 or STEPS 5-7.  (see below Contact List)



  • OPPOSE SB173 UNLESS AMENDED to fund OLDER ADULT EDUCATION and PARENT EDUCATION and include them in the AB86 List of Approved Courses and Classes Eligible for Funding in the K-12 Public School System (aka K-12 Adult Education) and Community College System.

  • Your SUPPORT IS NEEDED for a DEDICATED FUNDING STREAM for K-12 Public Schools (aka K-12 Adult Education) as well as Community Colleges, in order to preserve the full spectrum of Adult Education, including Older Adult Education and Parent Education.

(2)  and/or CALL CAPITOL OFFICES and LOCAL DISTRICT OFFICES: Verbally give the above message.


(3)  SEND INDIVIDUALIZED LETTERS and/or EMAILS (no more than one page).  Select information from below attached Sample Letter and Action Alert.  Students can briefly tell their personal stories about why these programs are important to them.  Since the Appropriations Committee is about fiscal efficiency, include how these programs save the state tax payer dollars.

(4)  FOLLOW UP PHONE CALLS to PRIMARY CONTACTS should ONLY be MADE BY Educators, Professionals, and Community Leaders who can clarify our concerns and give answers to any questions legislators may have.  FOLLOW UP CALLS to CAPITOL OFFICES and LOCAL DISTRICT OFFICES should be made by Students, the General Public, Educators, Professionals, and Community Leaders stating our concerns from a position of power as constituents.


(5)  DURING THE SUMMER RECESS, LEGISLATORS ARE IN THEIR LOCAL DISTRICTS.  It will strengthen our advocacy to meet with State Assemblymembers and Senators.  Groups of no more than four or five should meet.  Request that, In the K-12 Public Schools as well as Community Colleges, they Support dedicated funding for the full spectrum of Adult Education programs and add Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed to the AB86 List of approved courses and classes eligible for funding.

(6)  MEET WITH CITY, COUNTY and FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVES such as local mayors, city council members, county supervisors, school board members, etc.; and ask them to write letters in support of adult education programs, including Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed.  Ask them to pass a RESOLUTION, such as the L.A. City Resolution supporting funding for Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed that was unanimously passed by the L.A. City Council and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti.  (click link or see below)

(7)  INVITE ELECTED OFFICIALS TO SEE CLASSES if they are in session during the summer.


(CONTACT for Students & General Public)
Capitol Office of the Assembly Appropriations Committee
Committee Website:
State Capitol, Room 2114, Sacramento‎ CA‎ 95814

(CONTACT ONLY FOR EducatorsProfessionals & Community Leaders)
MISTY FEUSAHRENS (Primary Contact)
Principal Consultant

(CONTACT for Constituents & Local Community)
District Website:
300 East Magnolia Blvd, Suite 504, Burbank, CA 91502

(CONTACT for Students & General Public)
Capitol Office of the Speaker:
Assembly Website:
State Capitol, Room 219, Sacramento, CA 94249-0078

(CONTACT ONLY FOR EducatorsProfessionals & Community Leaders)
MONICA HENESTROZA (Primary Contact monitoring SB173)
Special Assistant to the Speaker
RICK SIMPSON (Primary Contact)
Deputy Chief of Staff

(CONTACT for Constituents & Local Community)
District Website
1350 Front Street, Suite 6054, San Diego, CA 92101

(CONTACT for Students & General Public)
Capitol Office of the Governor
Capitol Website:
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814

(CONTACT ONLY FOR EducatorsProfessionals & Community Leaders)
CATHY MCBRIDE (Primary Contact)
Deputy Legislative Secretary
Tel: (916) 445-4341, Fax: (916) 558-3160


(CONTACT for Students & General Public)
Tel: (916) 319-2051, Fax: (916) 319-2151
State Capitol - Sacramento, CA 94249-0051

(CONTACT ONLY FOR EducatorsProfessionals & Community Leaders)
CHRISTINA ROMERO (Primary Contact)
Legislative Director
Tel: (916) 319-2051, Fax: (916) 319-2151

(CONTACT for Constituents & Local Community)
District Website:
Tel: (213) 483-5151, Fax: (213) 483-5166
1910 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 810, Los Angeles, CA 90026-3350


  • Current funding for Adult Education in the K-12 Public School System (aka K-12 Adult Education) ends in June 2015.

  • The AB86 proposal to develop a Regional Educational Consortia between Adult Education Programs in the K-12 Public Schools and Community Colleges is in progress and has been funded to some extent.

  • Since these monies are inadequate to continue educational programs at the current level, adult educators are advocating for a dedicated funding stream for Adult Education in the K-12 Public School System.

  • However, the AB86 consortium proposal and other legislation have not included funding for Older Adult Education and Parent Education.

  • Senate Bill SB173 was created to fund only five selected Adult Education Programs. In its current form, it does not include funding for Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed programs.

  • Although these courses could still be offered, without funding, Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed classes would cost each student $500-$600 per semester, causing these programs to disappear permanently from Adult Education.

  • SB173 is now in the “Suspense File” of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and will have a hearing in August 2014.

Educators, Students and Communities need to write Assemblymember Mike Gatto (Chair of the Appropriations Committee), Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, and Governor Jerry Brown regarding this bill.

A letter to the Majority Whip Jimmy Gomez and your local Assemblymember, Senator, Congressperson, Councilmember, County Supervisor or School Board Member would strengthen our advocacy efforts.

Urge Legislators To:
OPPOSE SB173 UNLESS AMENDED to fund OLDER ADULT EDUCATION and PARENT EDUCATION and include them in the AB86 List of Approved Courses and Classes Eligible for Funding in the K-12 Public School System (aka K-12 Adult Education) and Community College System.

Include in your message that their:
SUPPORT IS NEEDED for a DEDICATED FUNDING STREAM for K-12 Public Schools (aka K-12 Adult Education) as well as Community Colleges, in order to preserve the full spectrum of Adult Education, including Older Adult Education and Parent Education.

We have limited time. 
 The bill is on hold and will be voted on in early August.


July 22, 2014


Re: Oppose SB173 Unless Amended

I am writing to urge you to OPPOSE SB173 UNLESS AMENDED to fund OLDER ADULT EDUCATION and PARENT EDUCATION and include them in the AB86 List of Approved Courses and Classes Eligible for Funding in the K-12 Public School System (aka K-12 Adult Education) and Community College System. I understand that in May, 2014 SB173 was amended, and certain provisions have been struck from the bill.  However, although these programs are no longer prohibited from being offered, SB173 still EXCLUDES Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed as the Basis for Funding.

If this is not done, Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed would become Fee Based Classes costing $500-$600 per student, per class, per semester.  Senior citizens and parents, many on fixed incomes, cannot afford these fees. These same people voted to pass AB189 to save all Adult Ed Programs and voted to tax themselves by passing PROP 30 to bring additional Education Funds to California. The likely effect, if SB173 passes without further amendment, will be to end these vital programs. Your SUPPORT is NEEDED for a DEDICATED FUNDING STREAM for K-12 Public Schools (aka K-12 Adult Education) as well as Community Colleges, in order to preserve the full spectrum of Adult Education, including Older Adult Ed and Parent Ed.

Older Adult Education serves the 17% of California adults over age 65. With the nation facing a senior tsunami of baby boomers, this population is projected to increase dramatically. Classes provide job and independent living skills to this neglected segment of Californians. Students learn to manage their health and finances, maintain function, and access resources on their own while living at home; thereby reducing medical and social services expenses for themselves and the State by keeping them out of emergency rooms, hospitals and nursing homes.

Parent Education gives families an opportunity to prepare their children for school and career. It is a cost effective program that breaks the cycle of intergenerational poverty by developing parenting skills and job skills while providing Gang Prevention and Anger Management classes that can keep families together. Research shows that children from families who participate in these programs perform better in school from Kindergarten to University. This brings a significant savings to the State in the form of outcomes such as better school retention, improved earnings, and crime reduction.

Parents and Senior Citizens jointly raise their children and grandchildren and are the Caregivers to the elderly and disabled. Senior Citizens and Family Caregivers volunteer 1,000s of hours providing vital services for their Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Generational Families and Communities. The loss in these volunteer contributions may well exceed the $22 million the State estimates to save by canceling funding for these programs.

I urge you to support funding for Older Adult Education and Parent Education, programs that have served our states Senior Citizens, Families, and Communities for approx. 88 years.

Title (Constituent, Teacher, Senior, Parent, Community, etc.)




WHEREAS, any official position of the City of Los Angeles with respect to legislation, rules,
regulations or policies to or pending before a local, state, or federal governmental body or agency must first have been adopted in the form of a Resolution by the City Council with the conculrence of the Mayor;and
WHEREAS, existing law authorizes the governing board of a school district maintaining secondary schools to establish and maintain classes for adults; and
WHEREAS, adult education programs offer adults a second chance, and many recent immigrants a first chance to a quality education; and
WHEREAS, in July of 2013, the Governor and the Legislature approved AB 86, the 2013-14 budget trailer bill; and
WHEREAS, AB 86 provided $25 million in joint funding ($22.5 million distributed as grants, $2.5 million statewide coordinaticn/technical assistance) for planning grants to regional consortia of community college districts and school districts for the purpose of developing regional plans to better serve the educational needs ofadults; and
WHEREAS, under AB 86, regional consortia are asked to create and implement a plan to better provide adults in its region with the following: a) elementary and secondary basic skills, including classes required for a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate; b) courses for immigrants eligible for education services in citizenship and English as a second language and workforce preparation classes in basic skills; c) education programs for adults with disabilities; il) short-term career technical education programs with high employment potential; and e) programs for apprentices; and
WI-IEREAS, SB 173 (Liu),has been introduced which,would establish numerous changes to the adult education system provided within the l'Public" K-,12 and community college system; and
WHEREAS, SB 173, commencing on July 1,2015, eliminates the following classes and courses authorized to be funded from the adult education noncredit apportionments: a) adult programs in parenting, including parent cooperative preschools, and classes in child growth and development, parent-child relationships, and parenting; b) adult programs for older adults; c) adult programs in home econOmics; and d) adult programs in health and safety education; and
WHEREAS, adult education courses in low-income areas help adults learn critical life skills;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, with the concurrence of the Mayor, that by the adoption of this Resolution, the City of Los Angeles hereby includes in its 2013-2014 State Legislative Program
SUPPORT of SB 173 (Liu), if amended to restore the four adult education programs that are proposed to be eliminated in the bill's current form, and include them on the AB 86 list of classes that are eligible for funding.

Presented by: PAUL KORETZ
Councilmember, 5th District

Call to Action information and materials (above) provided by:
Commissioner Irma Beserra Núñez
Member, City of Los Angeles Commission for Community and Family Services
Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA)
Founder & Spokesperson, California Coalition to Save Older Adult Education
Instructor, Program for Older Adults LAUSD Division of Adult and Career Education

A Message from A4CAS & NLLB

If you meet with your assembly member or senator, please remember to sign up with the No Lawmaker Left Behind campaign.  All adult ed grassroots groups in California are working together and sharing information.

No Lawmaker Left Behind links

Survey Form for feedback after visit with lawmaker:

MAP link (California Adult Schools are being added to this map)


NLLB One Sheet to share with lawmakers (copy, paste and print to take with you to your meeting)
California Lawmakers:    Restore adult and career education programs!

For more than 150 years, California boasted our nation’s oldest and most vibrant adult and career education program. K-12 districts used to offer classes for adults in almost every part of California. Millions learned English, developed job and career skills, finished high school, and improved their lives in numerous other ways. 

However, during the fiscal crisis in 2009, Sacramento cut funding to K-12 districts and then let them take money from adult education and 38 other categorical programs. Sacramento also reduced the adult education budget 20%. Since then, school boards statewide have closed around 70 adult education programs and cut many others by at least half. Oakland, California lost 90% of its program. The Los Angeles Unified School District has reduced its Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) by 75%, and threatened it with complete elimination. It has also reconstituted 26 adult education campuses into ten “service areas,” with dramatically reduced staff and class offerings.

Since then, Prop. 30 has passed, and the economy has improved. More money is available to school districts. However, for the most part that money is not coming back to adult and career education programs. In the heavily immigrant community of Van Nuys, there used to be more than a dozen “beginning low” classes in English as a Second Language. This fall (2014), there will be only two such classes. Staff members at Van Nuys Service Area face long lines of adult students desperate to learn English, but their job consists in putting those students on waiting lists, which now number in the thousands. Throughout California, similar predicaments face adult schools that survived the bloodbath of 2009.

We need to restore full, secure funding to adult and career education in California. We need to end the policy that allows school districts to deprive families and communities of vital educational programs that are often their only hope for better lives.

Current state policy says that adult education is optional, but our Education Code (Sec. 8500) says that it is “essential.”

The Legislature finds and declares that adult continuing education is essential to the needs of society in an era of rapid technological, economic, and social change and that all adults in California are entitled to quality publicly supported continuing education….

Adult and career education is certainly essential to the millions of Californians who lack the basic language skills, job skills, academic skills, technical skills, self-confidence and civic orientation required for successful lives and meaningful participation in our democracy.

Our state has the world’s eighth-largest economy, yet in literacy, we are lowest in the nation, with an illiteracy rate of 23%. Studies have shown a clear correlation between illiteracy and income. Clearly, adult literacy is a worthwhile investment. 

Please, California lawmakers – bring back the educational programs our communities need. Restore full and secure funding for adult and career education to every K-12 school district in California.

From The Alliance for California Adult Schools                                     

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