Sunday, September 1, 2013

The AEM Update Series: Working Together to Rebuild Adult Ed
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by Cynthia Eagleton

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Update Series: Working Together to Rebuild Adult Ed

Around the state, thanks to Prop 30, the Governor's May Revise, and MOEs (Maintenance of Effort Clauses that say that if an Adult School was open in 2012, it has to remain open and at the same funding level until 2014 when the new Regional Consortia programs kicks in)...

Adult Schools are hanging on, hanging in, and working hard for a brighter future.

What that brighter future looks like depends on current planning and future budgets. 

We can be part of both processes by sharing information with each other, the Legislature, and the Governor.

I want to run an Update Series that showcases what's happening in Adult Ed around the state, at K12 Adult Schools, in Community College Non-Credit Adult Ed Programs, in Family Literacy Programs, in Jails & Prisons, anywhere Adult Education is happening.  (An example about Oakland is here.)

What are our triumphs, challenges, needs, hopes and plans for the future?

What are we doing now that's working great to serve the needs of our communities?

What did we do in the past that worked great but may have been cut during the Budget Crisis?

By sharing information about present and our past with each other, we can move together into a better future for all California.

This, in fact, is the idea behind the Regional Consortia.  Region by region, providers of Adult Ed must work together to decide what will be taught to whom in their areas. 

We'll have the reward of local control if we can work cooperatively with each other.

Cooperation begins with sharing information then proceeds to choosing shared goals.

As they say, it's a process.

And to accomplish our goal of rebuilding Adult Education to fully meet the needs of our people, that process must begin now.

Interested in sharing some information about your school or program here?

Leave a comment here on the blog or email me at cyn period eagleton and the little sign for at and then gee and then mail.  Or message me on Facebook at cyn and then eagleton.

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