Friday, May 31, 2013

California Adult Schools & Social Media

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Fight to Save Adult Ed Hits Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. A new group has formed a presence on Facebook to help spread the message about saving Adult Education. This is just the beginning of a movement that could revolutionize our fight to keep these programs alive.

Social media has changed the way our world interacts and thinks about issues. It is time to engage these powerful tools in the fight to save California Adult Education.

A new Facebook group, the Alliance For California Adult Schools, was formed just this February and already has over 200 followers and a strong discussion going. The intention is to raise awareness among people who may not even know that this battle is happening at this very moment. Traditional media may only reach a certain number of people in a target range, but social media opens space for global connection and awareness.

Facebook and Twitter are no longer simply social networks, but powerful and influential avenues for change. Trending topics on Twitter continue to pique the radars of major news outlets that pick up the stories, and Adult Education can certainly be one of them.

So get out there, start talking, start liking, start sharing, start using those hashtags, and don’t underestimate the potential of these resources.

A video in support of Adult Ed was recently posted to YouTube. Watch the video here.


A4CAS Count on Me video (this video was made before accurate stats on school closures were known)

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